Rudolph is a skincare collection for those who wish to pamper their skin with a clean conscience – and without compromising on luxury and effectiveness.

When Greenpeace tested my blood in 2006, it showed that my blood was filled with harmful substances and endocrine disruptors – most of which came from beauty products. I decided to change out all my beauty products for healthy, environmentally-friendly alternatives, but I did not want to do without my daily luxuries, effectiveness, exquisite fragrances and beautiful packaging that complete the overall experience. So I decided to create Rudolph – a series of exclusive beauty products, embodying pure luxury and enhanced by active ingredients that help nurture and care for your skin. 

Rudolph Care is the first skincare brand in the world to boast both the Nordic Ecolabel and the organic certification Ecocert.


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30,00 € -60% 12,00 €
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