Natural health has intrigued me since I was young, living in Denmark. At age 16, I left Denmark for my career as a model and ten years later, I returned to lovely Denmark with a broad knowledge of health, beauty, fashion, design, diverse cultures and the strong belief that there is NO BEAUTY WITHOUT TRUTH.

Karmameju reflects my love for natural beauty, health, positive thinking, and the art of natural perfumery. Ten years in the beauty and fashion industries was the key inspiration to create Karmameju in Copenhagen in 1999. My dream was - and is - to redefine wellness. I am convinced that beautiful skin is achieved through natural health and good skincare routines. Your skin has an innate ability to regenerate when given the right conditions.

The Karmameju DNA is a first class collection of aromatherapeutic skincare products. We create pure, natural, and active products with clinically proven ingredients and 100% natural fragrances. All products are developed in cooperation with our award winning British apothecary and perfumer. Blended at therapeutic ratios, our products not only deliver visible results, but actively promote physical and mental wellness, inner radiance, and vitality. We are always looking to stimulate the senses. Skincare is about pampering the body, mind, skin, and the senses.

Mette Skjaerbaek, founder of Karmameju.


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