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Super gentle dry brush is an effective beauty tool for exfoliating the skin and stimulating blood circulation, as well as awakening your face after sleep. Regular brushing will help reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, whilst smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. RENEW will help improve your skin tone and stimulate the lymphatic system, leaving skin smooth and radiant.

Made from Sustainably sourced & certified beech wood. 100% natural fine delicate goat hair (cruelty free)


Follow the THE ILLUSTRATION and THE GUIDE. Use the face brush on dry skin in the morning before your shower and cleansing routine. Brush makeup-free skin 3-4 times a week for 2-3 minutes, depending on the sensitivity of the skin. As the skin around the eyes is thin and delicate, make sure you use soft strokes and never stretch or pull the skin.

THE GUIDE - Follow the numbers on THE ILLUSTRATION

1 / Décolletage – brush from chest and shoulders towards the middle of your collarbones.

2 / Neck – stretch the neck and lift up the chin. Brush with long strokes down towards the collarbone.

3 / Jaw line – lift up the chin to stretch the skin. Use short upward strokes under the jaw line.

4 / Chin – pull back the lower lip to stretch the skin. Use inverted U-shaped strokes from the middle and out.

5 / Cheeks – stretch the skin by moving mouth and jaw to the opposite side of the area being brushed. Use inverted U-shaped strokes in an upwards and outwards direction.

6 / Upper lip – use short and energetic strokes from the centre of the lip and outward.

7 / Nose – brush upwards from the sides and tip of the nose.

8 / Eye area – brush around the eye and eyebrow area in circular movements.

9 / Temples – brush from the outer part of the eye towards the temple.

10 / The Third Eye (glabella) – use short upward strokes between the brows.

11 / Forehead – brush the entire forehead from the centre towards the temples.



Reduce dark circles

Reduce puffiness

Exfoliate & refine

Improve circulation

Energize the skin

Improve skin tone

Release facial tension

Prevent clogged pores

Smooth fine lines & wrinkles

Stimulate the lymphatic system

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