ATTARIAT is the place that hydrates and soothes your skin, the place to enjoy your beauty routine.

We are an e-commerce and physical store with a very curated selection of niche, organic and natural cosmetics.

Our brands don’t belong to multinational companies. Enterprising women have founded the most of these familiar companies and they do not advertise either. They are committed to cosmetics that are as healthy as possible using natural and organic ingredients. And in addition to taking care of our skin, they also care about the environment, highlighting their commitment to sustainability.

Choosing the name was not easy. But having Morocco less than two hours from home (ATTARIAT was born in Cádiz, where our physical store is located) can be very inspiring and it was.

The Arab Baths are a beauty ritual to clean and purify the body and to relax the mind. The visit to the Hammam is mandatory in special moments and celebrations. When you finalize this ritual, the ATTAR is used. This is natural perfume oil from botanical sources. They are distilled naturally and 100% pure, alcohol and chemicals free. The ATTAR is very concentrated with an intense aroma.

That's why we liked ATTARIAT, so you could create your Hammam to relax.

Let ATTARIAT enter your beauty routine because together, we can take care of your skin.