Hi, I'm Alicia

With Tourism degree and a background of more tan 9 years working in the International Trade, one day I realized the clock would never wake me up at 7 am anymore: I had to quit my job.

My new life as happy person started but one day my unemployment benefit was finished…..but not the illusion to create something different and to fight for my dream. I had always been very keen on cosmetics, then I decided to work on it.

Travelling is another passion and I always came back with the suitcase full of popular cosmetics impossible to get in Spain.

Then I though: Why not to bring this kind of products to Spain? But meantime, I discovered another type of cosmetic: the Niche Cosmetic. A indie version of the conventional cosmetic. Enterprising women have founded the most of these familiar companies. They don’t spend budgets in advertising and use natural and organic ingredients. Also they are environmentally friendly using recycled packaging.

Attariat was born. Well, it wasn’t easy the naming. If I didn’t want to sell conventional cosmetics, the name couldn’t be the typical one. Morocco is faraway fewer than two hours from my home (Attariat is Made in Cádiz, South of Spain) and can be very inspiring.

The Arabic Baths are a beauty ritual to clean and purify the body and to relax the mind. The visit to the Hammam is mandatory in special moments and celebrations. When you finalize this ritual, the Attar is used. This is natural perfume oil from botanical sources. They are distilled naturally and 100% pure, alcohol and chemicals free. The Attar is very concentred with an intense aroma.

Then I decided to name Attariat, which means fragrances in Arabic. Because I want Attariat is your Hammam to take a rest where you can find exclusive products from around the world and to enjoy of your own beauty ritual at home.